We are

We’re one of the largest construction services firms in central Ohio offering both self-perform and construction management services. We deliver hard work and go the extra mile for our clients and partners to ensure every project is a success.

People first

We believe that doing what’s right is never wrong and that relationships matter over profit. By putting people first every day, we create an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork that allows us to deliver the highest quality construction services — every time.

We don’t just monitor the work, we get our hands dirty too.

Because we manage and build, we have the experience to proactively respond to jobsite progress to control quality, budget and the schedule. Based on the client’s needs, we can offer self-performed services or serve solely in a management capacity.


No aspect of safety is left to chance. Safety is a way of life at Robertson. OSHA and skills-specific safety training, measurable safety goals and stringent monitoring are part of every project.

Robertson is the next generation construction firm. entrepreneurial and Nimble, we drive innovation and speed by fostering a collaborative spirit.

Christian H. Robertson
President and CEO, Robertson