We Work

Collaborative construction

Collaboration is much more than a word at Robertson. It’s our process. We exceed expectations by fostering a spirit of collaboration among the designers, architects, owners and contractors involved in each and every project. This is simply the only way to successfully construct complex, multi-million dollar facilities.

Construction management

Relationships drive us and so does going the extra mile to serve as our client’s advocate in a construction management role. We’re committed to effectively managing every project’s schedule, budget, scope and quality. Plus, our experienced project teams come from a hands-on craftsperson background giving them the right expertise to see and proactively address the problem around the corner to minimize changes and ensure each project’s success.

General Contracting

We have a long history of overseeing the day-to-day, on-site operation of construction jobs and coordinating every aspect of the project to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. We’re comfortable performing in a general contractor role because of our success record in delivering projects on-time and on-budget. Plus, we have a deep network of vetted and high-performing subcontractors that we’re proud to partner with.

Design Build

We’re rooted in collaboration, which makes design build projects a good fit for our team. We partner with designers from the project’s start to provide unified recommendations to fit each owner’s project goals, schedule and budget. This method delivers collaborative problem-solving, innovation and a no excuses model.


We’re one of the largest self-perform contractors in the area, with more than 50% of our work completed with our own craftsman. Robertson began as a self-performing contractor 25 years ago and we continue to work under this delivery method to this day. Through this model, we rely on our team of over 125 construction professionals — leading to increased speed, flexibility and the understanding of what it takes to do the job right. When self-perform makes sense for a project, it can be more cost effective and has saved our clients over $2.3 million in the last three years alone.


We’re your partner for highly specialized and the difficult-to-complete projects, such as:

  • Emergency structural repairs 
  • Deep, machine and press foundations
  • Structural revitalization of occupied or semi-occupied spaces
  • Process line repair
  • Utility repairs
  • Mezzanines and machine platforms

Service and maintenance

We’re your partner for:

  • Vehicle vs building repairs
  • Demising walls
  • Door replacements
  • Office refresh and light remodeling
  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Floor repair
  • Concrete repair/replacement
  • Ceiling replacement

If you need something taken care of, let us help you.

We are Committed to encouraging an open dialogue between the architects and owners. That’s the only way to know the job’s been done right.

Jeremy Johnson
Vice President, Robertson