Construction Update: January 8, 2018


Burke Hall and the Denison Museum will remain open during construction.  Signage is in place to direct visitors to the College Street entrances. College Street will be open for the Suzuki Festival on Friday, January 19th, and Saturday, January 20th. On Monday, January 22nd, College Street will be closed until the next community event.

The sidewalk on the north side of Broadway will remain closed throughout the project.  Please use the walk on the south side of West Broadway. To enable the public to view the construction progress, a section of the fence screening along the east end of the southern construction fence has been removed.

The mass excavation beneath the entire facility is complete and the large volume of track traffic will dissipate. The forming for the foundations around the perimeter of the new building is finished and the East Elevator Lobby and second elevator shaft masonry walls have been constructed. The mechanical and electrical contractors are welding pipe and installing electrical conduits and panel boxes in the large basement Mechanical Room.

The tower crane will remain on-site throughout the erection of the structural steel.  In a couple weeks, the steel will be complete and the tower crane will be dismantled. The balance of the construction will be performed with a conventional crane.  The onset of real winter conditions has impacted the progress of the exterior work over the past couple of weeks. However, the long range forecast will enable us to resume the erection of structural steel and continue concrete block activities.