Construction Update: June 8, 2017

Burke Hall and the Denison Museum will remain open during normal business hours throughout construction. Robertson has placed signage to direct visitors to the College Street entrances. To enable to the public to view the construction progress, a section of the fence screening along the east end of the southern construction fence has been removed.

For upcoming community events, such as the July 4th Holiday and Pelotonia, the College Street fence will be temporarily removed and the street will remain open. The fence obstructing the sidewalk on West Broadway and Cherry Street will be temporarily relocated and replaced upon conclusion of the festivities.

Excavation of the basement is complete and construction of the foundations and basement walls is in process. Robertson will continue to work towards College Street by initiating the step footers and walls in the Audience Chamber. On the west side of the project, we have commenced installation of the Stormtech System. Stormtech is an underground storm water detention system that will enable Denison to retain the Fine Arts Quad green space. As the earthwork operations continue, heavy truck traffic is to be expected. We have also begun to renovate a portion of Burke Hall; the Recital Hall and Instrument Rehearsal Spaces. These spaces will be complete by the end of August 2017.