Construction Update: September 27, 2018

The Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts is weather tight and the exterior skin of the building is in process.  As the slate siding, storefront systems and mansard roof are installed, the building envelope will be complete.

The Education Wing of the Center, which occupies the southern-most portion of the site, is taking shape. Interior partitions, along with the associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, are in process and some rooms have received drywall and a coat of paint.  A full acoustical practice room, inclusive of the soffits, ceilings, final coat of paint, acoustical door, acoustical flooring, is complete.  All comparable rooms will consist of the same acoustical standards.

The Audience Chamber is currently a maze of scaffolding which we will use to install building infrastructure, catwalk and theatrical systems above the guest seating.   As we approach the end of October, the scaffolding will be removed to facilitate the interior finishes.

The Stage House has been painted and is a conditioned space.  The theatrical battens and rigging will be installed next. The Dance Studio, on the northern-most side of the project, is in a similar state. The first coat of primer and paint has been scheduled and the theatrical grid and acoustical panels will be installed soon.

As construction continues, we appreciate the patience of the neighbors.  As the buildings are enclosed, the focus of the construction will be inside and the noise and disruption will subside.

Over the past couple months, a few curious individuals have entered the site after hours.  For obvious public safety and security concerns, please do not enter the site after hours or without permission from Robertson Construction.  The site is monitored by a security system linked to the Denison University Security and Granville Police Departments.  All intruders will be detected, arrested and prosecuted.

Please note that College Street will be opened to accommodate through traffic and parking for the following performances:

October 4th – 7th | October 11th – 13th | November 7th – 11th | November 13th – 15th